Kulinaaria Instituudi eesmärk on olla kõrgete kulinaarsete kunstide arendamise 
keskus Eestis.

Restaurant Kaerajaan emphasises on ethnicity – both in interior decoration and dishes. Following the lead of Estonian traditions and combining them with modern life, this is how restaurant Kaerajaan has been founded.

Tony Sal-al-Saller, Chef de cuisine of restaurant Kaerajaan, has composed the menu, combining acient tastes and modern trends. In the menu you can find Tallinn sprats, Baltic herrings, kama-flour, beet and many other traditional Estonian ingredients prepared and served in modern way.

The interior of the restaurant is covered with national motifs, where historical shapes and symbols have been mixed with modernity. Old-time folk creation with a slight modern touch has been used while decorating – Christmas crowns, floor lamps inspired by mittens, ceiling paintings inspired by Estonian belt ornaments, pictures of folk dancers and the one-of-a-kind chimney-toilet, built into 17th century chimneystack – it all gives an unforgettable impression.


Raekoja plats 17, Tallinn
Tel +372 615 5400

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