Menu of Tallinn 2011

Kulinaaria Instituudi eesmärk on olla kõrgete kulinaarsete kunstide arendamise 
keskus Eestis.

With the Menu of Tallinn we aim to offer the finest meals from our local kitchens and to draw our guests’ as well as our own people’s attention to the delights of Nordic cuisine and to the fact that Tallinn, the European Capital of Culture 2011, is also the European capital of food culture. In addition, our goal is to give an overview of Estonian cuisine as well as the four clearly distinguishable seasons, to offer the choicest ingredients from our fields, forests and waters and to introduce Estonian chefs and hospitality. With all that we pay a gastronomic tribute to picky food connoisseurs and to all those who are looking for a quick bite alike.




"Toetan Põhjala köögi manifesti põhimõtteid!" Allkirja saab anda siin! »